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NACA Foundation Graduate Scholarships
ONLY current graduate students are eligible to apply. High school students are not eligible.

One means by which the NACA Foundation demonstrates its commitment to the development of professionals in the field of campus activities is through providing scholarships to individuals pursuing graduate work in preparation for, or to enhance, a career in campus activities. NACA offers four graduate scholarships—the Donald L. McCullough Memorial Scholarship Fund, the New England McCullough Memorial Scholarship Fund, the William E. Brattain Graduate Scholarship Fund and the Hayward M. "Skip" Daugherty, Jr. Graduate Scholarship Fund. The Brattain and the Daugherty scholarships are for students in Mid Atlantic/Central and Mid Atlantic/Mid America regions, respectively, while the McCullough scholarship is designated for students in the NACA Northeast region.

Materials must be submitted online by May 30.

Graduate scholarships are awarded annually to individuals pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree in student personnel services or a related area. Applicants for graduate scholarships must:

  • Have graduated from a four-year college or university with a minimum grade point average of 2.5;
  • Be matriculated in a master’s or doctorate degree program in student personnel services or a related area, and provide proof of acceptance and matriculation into an accredited graduate school; and
  • Have demonstrated experience and involvement in campus activities and be committed to pursuing a career as a campus activities professional.
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen
  • High school students are not eligible.



Current Education
School Name
School Address
School City
School State
School Zip
School Phone
Home Phone
Permanent Address
Applicants must upload the following materials below no later than May 30. No hardcopy materials via email, fax or mail in office will be accepted.
  • One copy of the applicant’s undergraduate and graduate academic transcript(s)
  • A summary (résumé or vitae) of the applicant’s volunteer (campus, community or organization) and employment activities related to campus activities
  • Two letters of reference from professors, advisors or employers who are familiar with the applicant’s experience related to campus activities
  • A summary of professional goals in which the applicant hopes to accomplish in one year, five years and 10 years AND a summary describing how receiving an NACA Foundation Graduate Scholarship will better enable you to achieve these goals.
Intended Date of Graduation
Candidate Bio (limit 100 words)

Please attach the following: Two reference letters, a resume, an unofficial transcript and your answers for the professional goals question.

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