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Multicultural Scholarship Program
ONLY current undergraduate students, graduate students and school staff members are eligible to apply.
High school students are not eligible.

The Multicultural Scholarship Program is part of the NACA Foundation’s affirmative action effort to increase the participation of ethnic minority individuals in the field of campus activities. The program is designed to provide economic assistance to qualified under-represented programmers, allowing them to attend NACA-sponsored training workshops, regional conferences and National Conventions. Up to four scholarships will be awarded annually. The awards are for registration only; travel is not included. One of the four scholarships is endowed by the NACA Northeast Region and designated for a student or staff member at a college or university within that region.

Materials must be submitted online by May 1.

Applicants are to be identified as members of the African-American, Latina/Latino, Native American, Asian-American, or Pacific Islander ethnic minorities. NACA membership is not a prerequisite for applicant consideration. You must be a U.S. Citizen. High school students are not eligible.

Within 30 days of completing the program, recipients must submit a 350-600 word statement describing the program and how participation met their professional development objectives.


Current Education
School Name
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Applicants must upload the following materials below no later than May 1. No hardcopy materials via email, fax or mail in office will be accepted.

  • A completed scholarship application form
  • One letter of recommendation from someone well acquainted with the applicant, which should address his/her involvement in student activities and potential in the field. This recommendation should also affirm his/her ethnic minority status, financial need, and that he/she will be in the campus activities field at least one year following the program for which a scholarship is being sought.

Please also attach a document answering the following questions:

  • What are your past, current and future plans for involvement in campus activities and are your past, current and future involvement with NACA or other professional organizations?
  • What are your professional development objectives?
  • Have you applied to your school for funds to attend this conference or workshop?
  • Was funding denied? Please explain.
Candidate Bio (limit 100 words)

Please attach the following: One letter of recommendation and the answers to the four questions above.

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