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The National Association for Campus Activities offers something for everyone, from students and staff at colleges and universities to agents, artists and performers. NACA's wide variety of events, educational sessions and workshops, publications and face-to-face networking opportunities will help you book bands, find great programming ideas and more!

NACA's History

In 1960, a group of school representatives formalized a simple and practical idea to help increase the buying power of their campus programming dollars. They developed a process that allowed schools within close geographical proximity to work together to share travel and other logistical costs for artists and performers booked for campus shows over a certain block of dates. This process, now known as Cooperative Buying or CO-OP Buying, forms the cornerstone of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). More than 40 years after that first meeting, NACA has evolved into the nationís largest collegiate organization for campus activities, with programs and services designed to reflect the fieldís increased responsibilities for student leadership development as well as entertainment programming. NACAís activities and services link the higher education and entertainment communities, providing a unique forum for business and professional development, information exchange and networking. Whether you are:

Mission Statement

NACA links the higher education and entertainment communities in a business and learning partnership, creating educational and business opportunities for our student and professional members.

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